Ellagic Acid Miracle Under Our Nose, Part 2

Carcinogens of this kind are called polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and they are planar (flat). Ellagic acid is also planar, so it can form a complex with these planar epoxides. In this kind of complex with benzopyrene, two of the OH groups are positioned where they can easily react with the epoxide, rendering it harmless. Studies […]

Ellagic Acid Miracle Under Our Nose, Part 1

Living causes cancer,’ said a sign on the back of a bicycle that whizzed by me about 20 years ago on the campus of U. C., Davis. Even at that time, we knew a little more about cancer than that, and we had an arsenal of anti-cancer drugs — drugs that had lots of side […]

Waiting to Inhale. Part 2

Good News for Type 2 Diabetics, Too Analgesics aren’t the only medications expected to be available soon for administration via inhalation.

Waiting to Inhale. Part 1

Who hasn’t winced at hearing these words of reassurance in a healthcare setting? But getting a shot with today’s sharper, smaller needles may be nearly pain free.

So, You Want to Be a Martial Artist!

Ever since Bruce Lee made his splash on American Television as the dashing partner to the Green Hornet, this country has been part of a growing fascination with the martial arts. With the ever-growing emphasis on martial skills in television and in the movies, more and more schools are appearing to fill the demand for […]

What can I do to Help my 22-year old Son with his Gambling Addiction?

Q: What can I do to help my 22-year-old son with his gambling addiction? Our Parenting Expert, Stephanie Bennett, responds to a concerned mother’s question about her son’s gambling addiction.

Health Risks

If awareness of a problem is the first step to solving it, the U.S. may have a long way to go in solving the daunting problem of childhood obesity. According to a recent study, half of the parents of obese children in the study did not recognize their child’s obesity, and nearly three-quarters did not […]

Positive Effects of Health and Wellness Programs in the Workplace

Now more than ever, it is of great importance that companies take an interest in their employees’ well-being. Starting a health and wellness program takes little effort with great results and decrease in the amount of expenditure of on outgoing healthcare costs.

Taking Your First Steps in Tai Chi Chuan

If you watch a cat as it walks, you will notice how effortless but deliberate each movement is. The cat is always aware of and always ‘listening’ to the surface he is on. He is relaxed but he can lunge or retreat from danger at any time. A Tai Chi Chuan master moves the same […]

Baby’s First Year Resource List

The Web is a wonderful resource for new parents, who are often confined to their homes and don’t have time to browse for information in a bookstore or library. There are many Web sites that deal with parenting and health issues (including this one!) and a quick search will yield a trove of great sources […]