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Exercise Lite. Part 2

Our view is that Exercise Lite can become a highly effective educational tool for health/fitness professionals and clinicians to promote exercise with their clients and patients. There is a solid rationale for this message and it is consistent with pre-existing published scientific statements of the ACSM, as well as its public policy perspective on promoting […]

Exercise Lite. Part 1

This letter requests to publish in Fitness Management next month our opinion as to the meaning, intent, probable behavioral and social effects, and health implications of the “Exercise Lite” public awareness message that was issued jointly in the summer of 1993 by the American College of Sports Medicine and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

The Investment You Can’t Ignore. Part 2

It also can’t hurt to buy shares in more than one mutual fund, so your portfolio will have a healthy balance of shares in small, medium and large companies. Also called for: shares in both “growth” stocks with rising revenues and “value” stocks, i.e., companies whose shares are cheaply priced in relation to their objective […]

The Investment You Can’t Ignore. Part 1

It may be the only no-brainer in the world of investing: Part of your investment money ought to be in mutual funds. If you have over $500 to invest, throwing your hoard into the same pot of gold as other people with similar investment goals is just plain common-sense financial planning.