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Key Tips for Indoor Cycling Instructors

An excellent group fitness instructor can motivate and energize a group of participants, help them attain their fitness goals and keep them coming back. As in every group exercise class, the group indoor cycling instructor serves as a coach, a cheerleader and an educator. The careful balance of all three roles makes for a dynamic […]

Making Things Happen for the Client and the Business, Part 2

Making the difference Since three smaller commercial centers already occupied the community’s “fit niche,” Conway decided to go after deconditioned individuals who are traditionally intimidated by the idea of joining a fitness facility. “Even though 80 percent of our clientele is not ‘sick’ so to speak, the fact that we are associated with the hospital […]

Making Things Happen for the Client and the Business, Part 1

As health and fitness professionals, your responsibilities go beyond just promoting fitness. When it comes right down to it, you’re in the business of making things happen. If a client wants to lose weight and lower their risk of cardiovascular disease, you devise a program that works for them. If someone is training for their […]

You Need a Board to Surf

It seems there are a lot of things these days labeled ‘surfing’ that have nothing to do with digging into a smooth, curling mass of cool, blue water. Here’s what you should know about the real thing!

Two wheel Sliding how to Guide to Icebiking. Post 3

Ice biking 101 After reading a few Web sites, any competent cyclist can master the sport. While it might be impossible to ride across a snowfield more than a few inches deep, any semblance of a trail or road can be covered by bike. Any bike will work. Road bikes with thin tires tackle light, […]

Two wheel Sliding how to Guide to Icebiking. Post 2

Why? Both Andersen and Rose make snowbiking sound like a thrill seeker’s dream. Bored with the snowboard park at The Summit at Snoqualmie? Try running a snowy hill on your Huffy. But there are other reasons, for those of us who aren’t quite ready to break the sound barrier on an alpine slope, to try […]

Two wheel Sliding how to Guide to Icebiking. Post 1

While most folks snowshoe the backcountry, soak in hot springs or hibernate by the fire with unfinished books and a cupboard of cocoa, John Andersen and Dave Rose laugh at the Snow Meister’s work and hit the white on two wheels.

That First Skydive Post 2

The initial feeling was pure exhilaration as the wind and the air overwhelmed my senses! Unbelievably you don’t get that falling sensation. All this time I was expecting the feeling of a roller coaster dropping. It honestly feels more buoyant or a floating sensation. Liken it to driving 80 miles an hour down the freeway […]

That First Skydive Post 1

What do you think it’s like to jump out of a plane at 13-thousand feet and fall at a rate of 120 miles per hour? Or better yet, why would someone jump out of a perfectly good airplane? The answers to those questions and more are in this article. I always wanted to know what […]