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Ellagic Acid Miracle Under Our Nose, Part 2

Carcinogens of this kind are called polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and they are planar (flat). Ellagic acid is also planar, so it can form a complex with these planar epoxides. In this kind of complex with benzopyrene, two of the OH groups are positioned where they can easily react with the epoxide, rendering it harmless. Studies […]

Ellagic Acid Miracle Under Our Nose, Part 1

Living causes cancer,’ said a sign on the back of a bicycle that whizzed by me about 20 years ago on the campus of U. C., Davis. Even at that time, we knew a little more about cancer than that, and we had an arsenal of anti-cancer drugs — drugs that had lots of side […]

What can I do to Help my 22-year old Son with his Gambling Addiction?

Q: What can I do to help my 22-year-old son with his gambling addiction? Our Parenting Expert, Stephanie Bennett, responds to a concerned mother’s question about her son’s gambling addiction.

Is this Rash Scabies or Fifth Disease?

Scabies is a very itchy, bumpy, lightly pink rash that can occur anywhere on the body — although not usually on the face — especially in the folds at the waistband, under the arms and between the fingers.

Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a psychological condition that exists when a person experiences: Continuously unwelcome thoughts, such as images of germs, dirt, or repugnant sexual acts;

Food Allergies and Trick-or-Treating

Halloween treats come in all shapes and sizes, and all forms and flavors. With such a range of goodies out there, how can parents protect their children with food allergies from suffering an attack?

Nasal Flu Vaccine Sniffing for Approval

A government panel is expected to consider soon whether to approve the first flu vaccine that can be administered through the nose. Under review is FluMist, a nasal spray designed expressly to prevent recipients from catching the infection. Other oral and inhaled drugs that treat — and even prevent — the illness have already been […]

Covering the Heart Disease ‘Big Three’

An article in the Feb. 26 issue of the medical journal The Lancet succinctly and accurately summarizes our knowledge about the preventable causes of heart disease, the nation’s No. 1 cause of death. “From the 1950′s onward, epidemiological studies … identified personal characteristics as risk factors for the development of premature CHD [coronary heart disease] […]

Bowel Incontinence

While attempts to bring urinary incontinence out of the closet are gaining momentum, its embarrassing twin — bowel incontinence — remains secretly hidden in the dark recesses of that same closet.

Selenium in Human Nutrition

Like other trace minerals, the body requires selenium in very low doses, probably less than 100 mcg/day. It is found in foods such as wheat germ, Brazil nuts, oats, whole wheat, brown rice, orange juice, and garlic in direct proportion to the level of selenium in the soil in which the plants were grown.