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Stressed? Sneezy? Eat up!

Four recipes that combat pesky health problems Problem #1: Stress Food solution: Southwestern Turkey Burger. The workhorse here is tryptophan, an amino acid that prompts production of the relaxation-inducing hormone serotonin. Lean turkey is a top tryptophan source. Eat the burger with a chocolate shake; chocolate contains stress-easing polyphenols plus magnesium (low levels of this […]

Outrage of the Week. Female – Techno-Geeks

It seems that feminism has hacked its way into cyberspace. Reuters reports that a 17-year old female has written a new virus intended to plague Microsoft. Her reason? She wants to make a statement against the sexism that pervades the “male-dominated anti-virus industry.”

Detox Foot Patches Allows Your Body to Work More Efficiently

People are exposed to more and more toxins in the environment. Preservatives in food, second-hand smoke and car exhaust are just a few of the sources of toxins. Detoxification is a process that helps the body eliminate harmful toxins. Find out how your body can benefit from detoxification.