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Varicose Veins An Overview

In healthy veins, valves allow blood to flow only one way. When these valves fail-allowing blood to back up and pool inside the vein, making it swell-the result is varicose veins.

Enjoying the Present

In April 1998, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was scheduled for an annual physical, but I was in the onset of menopause and felt a strange lump in my left breast. I called the clinic and asked if I could come in for a mammogram earlier than my physical because I felt this […]

Diabetes and Pregnancy

If anyone had told me beforehand what it would be like to be both diabetic and pregnant, I am afraid I would have opted out of the whole experience. At least for me, being diabetic and pregnant meant staying on an ever-present schedule, with little spontaneity. Every moment was either a time to monitor my […]

The Good Mother, Part 3

The payoff for all the hard work is the feeling of love, said Stoline, and the biology of motherhood plays a big role in developing it. Not every woman, however, has those feelings as part of her individual nature, she said. And others who do have it can get derailed.

The Good Mother, Part 2

Mothers tend to reach back to the past to see what worked for them, said Zax, co-author of “Mending the Broken Bough: Restoring the Promise of the Mother-Daughter Relationship” (Berkley Books, 1998, $13). “Each generation does the best job they can,” she said, “based largely on how they were Some Eye-Opening Statistics on Mothers Today […]

The Good Mother, Part 1

Compared to her previous role as a high-powered attorney at the State Department, it might look like Sharon Rutberg isn’t doing much these days. Especially when you see her wearing baggy sweatpants, strolling down the streets of Washington, D.C., at a snail’s pace. In fact, said Rutberg, the mother of two children, a whole lot […]

Do We Know the Causes of Breast Cancer?

The causes of cancer are, generally, neither well known nor well understood. For a few types of cancer, however, we have evidence concerning risk factors and even causative factors. For example, 90 percent of lung cancer cases are associated with cigarette smoking, establishing a cause-and-effect relationship.

Young Women Prone to Bone Fracture

Young female army recruits have three times the risk for stress fractures compared with their male peers, according to a British study. Researchers at the Royal Hospital in Hampshire, UK, report their findings in the January 2nd issue of the British Medical Journal.

Expressing Milk By Hand

As a breastfeeding mother, you may or may not plan to head back to work. If you anticipate working but will only work minimal hours or will be with your baby at most feeding times (whether at home or at work), you may not need or want to purchase a breast pump . For those […]

Doctor or Midwife

This is an important decision for all expectant mothers. A midwife may sound very appealing, but you may be concerned about her ability to deal with medical emergencies. The thought of having a physician on stand-by may offer more comfort when worrying about an emergency situation, but perhaps you desire a more personal approach to […]