Erectile Disfunctions: Causes of Problems


Men often think that sex and intimacy are synonymous. Sex is one expression of intimacy, definitely. However if a male desires to have intimacy, does this mean he wants to have sex? Is sexual intimacy the only intimacy men know about? And even more to the point, is sexual intimacy a way in which men can avoid other types of intimacy?

Of course some males can have intimacy without actually having sex. Additionally, there are men who say they can feel intimacy and don’t need sex. And there are also some men who consider intimacy and sex to be one and the same.

Even though many problems with sex for men happen while they are involved in a relationship, their beliefs and myths about sex are established a long time before a relationship starts. While most would deny it, for men, the idea of male dominance is entwined with their sexuality. Feminists have been talking about how men have abused their power and dominance for a long time. At work and at home, men have been taught to exert control and be aggressive. They have always held the position of power and generally have not wanted to let go of this power.


While women have become more open about what they want from sex, men have found, to their shock and surprise, that they are not as sexually satisfying as they believed. Erectile dysfunction among men has risen significantly over the past 25 years. It is believed by some people that premature ejaculation occurs more often now partially because of women’s recent behavior and morals, but other people have an opinion that men are simply more bold about admitting that they have problems.

For many men, there is a huge gap between what they were taught as they were growing up, and the expectations their sexual partners have of them now. Anxiety and depression can result from this conflict. For some men, trying to assuage this can lead to even further problems such as infidelity.


Not having the ability to reach or hold an erection until sexual activity is finished is the general definition of erectile dysfunction. Impotence is another way to refer to erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction crosses social boundaries and affects millions of men worldwide. Erectile dysfunction is often caused by underlying prostate health problems. Visiting your physician is a key factor in helping you define the reason for your erectile dysfunction.


Every man will need a treatment for erectile dysfunction that is tailored to his own circumstances. The cause of the problem dictates the solution. Medicine and counseling might be useful to assist a man who is wrestling with a mental inhibition. Sex therapy is suggested in nearly all situations. Sex therapy will usually last for six to 12 weeks, and may be of great benefit.

Often men are prescribed PDE5 inhibitors or similar medicines. These can result in greater blood flow to the penis. Viagra may be considered. Levitra is a newer, more popular drug. Research shows Levitra can increase erection duration for up to 75% of men. A physician is best able to sort out individual treatment needs. A medical exam is advised before you beginning medication.

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