Exercise Lite. Part 2

Our view is that Exercise Lite can become a highly effective educational tool for health/fitness professionals and clinicians to promote exercise with their clients and patients. There is a solid rationale for this message and it is consistent with pre-existing published scientific statements of the ACSM, as well as its public policy perspective on promoting healthful physical activity.

The key challenge in public policy endeavors seems to be to encourage fidelity in translation with what must necessarily be a concise, uncomplicated and appealing message to the consumer. When individual professional interpretations are voiced suggesting deleterious consequences, such as those in the Fitness Management article “Exercise Lite: Medicine or placebo?” it is essential that divergent interpretations be made available so that professionals not only may diminish consumer confusion about the meaning of the message, but also provide them with straightforward suggestions that allow it to be used with the most favorable effect. It is our goal to promote healthful behavior changes in those Americans who are in the contemplative stage relative to doing something positive, attainable, safe and enjoyable in order to reduce their risks for major chronic diseases. We look forward to your reply and, hopefully, the opportunity next month to offer Fitness Management readers an interpretation that clarifies and expands upon ways to use ACSM Exercise Lite to promote physical activity in those clients who most need to understand and benefit from it!

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