Fioricet Is an Effective Remedy from Migraines

What is Fioricet? Most likely you have heard of Fioricet. It is a combination medication normally utilized in the treatment of headaches, but physicians recommend it for treating recurring migraines as well.

Fioricet is taken orally in tablet form. It should be taken whole and may be consumed with or without food. It is recommended that 1-2 tablets be taken every 4 hours or as prescribed by the physician. Most patients prefer to take Fioricet without food because it can cause nausea. If you discuss the problem of nausea with your physician, he/she may be able to provide information as to how to avoid or reduce the problem.

The dosage of Fioricet can be modified to suit each patient and medical condition. The physician will closely monitor the patient’s progress and his/her general response to the medication during the whole time he/she is being treated. Drowsiness is a side-effect that is associated with Fioricet. Many patients complain of being sleepy during the day, in which case the Fioricet dosage is decreased. Your physician can provide all the available information regarding Fioricet. You will be told to take it just as soon as you experience the initial sign of a tension headache.

Extreme caution is used when Fioricet is prescribed and medical specialists warn that this medication should not be used for long time periods and in high doses. Dependence can occur and if treatment is stopped suddenly, severe withdrawal symptoms can result. To avoid withdrawal symptoms, it is best to ask your physician to gradually decrease the dosage. If you inquire as to the addiction potential involved with Fioricet, you will definitely be told that this medication should not be ingested in larger quantities or more often than prescribed.

When you are being treated with Fioricet, regular checkups are essential. Let your physician know if you have started taking more than the prescribed dosage and/or if your headaches worsen or occur more frequently. When high doses are consumed, acetaminophen can cause permanent liver damage and an overdose can even be fatal. It is important to keep in mind that the symptoms of acetaminophen overdose may not occur for two days. This problem is serious and requires immediate attention. Yellowing of the skin and extreme nausea are the first indications that one should look for.

Prior to taking the medication, it is in your best interest to let your physician know if you have a history of substance abuse, alcohol addiction or have ever had respiratory disease. You should also mention if you have suffered from depression, liver disease or porphyria.

It is unknown what effect Fioricet will have on a fetus. If you are pregnant, you should not take this medication without discussing it with your physician. It is known that Fioricet passes into breast milk and can harm a baby who is being breastfed.

Fioricet has been established as being an effective remedy for pain that is mild or moderate. As is the case with any medication, be sure to check with your doctor prior to beginning any medication regimens that include Fioricet.

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