Mental Prep for Racing

Training for a race is hard work. The training life is filled with moments of fatigue, recovery and improvement followed by a regeneration period. It is a cycle involving long hours, many sacrifices and the willpower to endure physical as well as mental exhaustion. In order to complete this cycle over and over again, year […]

Innovation Prospect Packets

This year’s award winner in the realm of management, marketing and sales has an idea so revolutionary, so outlandish, yet heartbreakingly simple, that it’ll take your breath away! Ready? Sitting down? Here goes: Be upfront with your potential members, and be honest — tell them right from the get-go what your facility offers and how […]

Paula’s Journal: Week Two. Part 2

Sharon’s Reply A cruise is an eating extravaganza floating on water! Food and drink is a major part of the entertainment. You have a chance to try dishes you would never have at home-nor in a hometown restaurant.

Paula’s Journal: Week Two. Part 1

Dear Sharon and Armand! I am writing this on the last night of my vacation (Saturday), and I will e-mail it to you as soon as I get home! I have bad news! Once I set foot on the cruise ship, I forgot all about you. This was the first vacation I’ve had in a […]

Fit to Export, Part 2

Besides Asia, BTF sees great potential in other regions such as Central and South America, and Western Europe. It learned about these markets through its partner China Sports Industry Co. Ltd. (CSI), from its own contacts and by carrying out due diligence. China was singled out to be of particular interest because of its huge […]

Fit to Export, Part 1

International franchising is a trillion dollar industry that few health, spa and fitness chains have explored. The rationale for franchising a national fitness chain comes from the same kind of issues that drive exports and franchising in other business sectors: A product/service mix that is proven in a competitive domestic market has a good chance […]

Is this Rash Scabies or Fifth Disease?

Scabies is a very itchy, bumpy, lightly pink rash that can occur anywhere on the body — although not usually on the face — especially in the folds at the waistband, under the arms and between the fingers.

Exercise Lite. Part 2

Our view is that Exercise Lite can become a highly effective educational tool for health/fitness professionals and clinicians to promote exercise with their clients and patients. There is a solid rationale for this message and it is consistent with pre-existing published scientific statements of the ACSM, as well as its public policy perspective on promoting […]

Exercise Lite. Part 1

This letter requests to publish in Fitness Management next month our opinion as to the meaning, intent, probable behavioral and social effects, and health implications of the “Exercise Lite” public awareness message that was issued jointly in the summer of 1993 by the American College of Sports Medicine and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

What Are the Effects of Hypothyroidism on Family and Friends?

The emotional problems hypothyroid patients experience often make it very difficult for them to perform well at work or in school. Home life may also become challenging for both the patient and her or his family.