What can be Done About Bed Wetting?

While most youngsters become toilet-trained during the day sometime between age 2 and 3 (boys a little later than girls, in general), they tend to continue to need a night or nap diaper for about six to twelve months longer. And while most are dry at night by age 5, about 10 percent of perfectly […]

Weathering Holiday Allergies. Part 3

Why Does an Allergy Make You Suffer? “Every time you come in contact with an allergen, your body releases histamine,” Van Bavel said. “Histamines have a good function to help you fight certain infections, but too much can cause an allergic reaction.”

Weathering Holiday Allergies. Part 2

Natural Christmas trees may also harbor mold, Van Bavel cautions. “Mold can be found on the leaves and branches of live Christmas trees. People unknowingly bring it into their homes,” he said.

Weathering Holiday Allergies. Part 1

If sneezing, sniffling, itching and wheezing this time of year have you feeling more like Scrooge than Santa, perhaps you’re allergic to the holidays.

New Therapies for IBD

The search for new, effective treatments for IBD is unfolding along two paths: New drugs, and new uses for drugs used to treat other diseases. Existing therapies that show promise include the nicotine patch, heparin (a blood thinner), fish oil, various antibiotics and combinations of antibiotics, the use of certain bacteria normally found in the […]

Wellness and Prevention

There are no simple answers to preventing eating disorders. Programs that promote healthy eating and activity habits, as well as positive self-esteem and weight acceptance.

Serving Members Through the Internet. Part 3

Members and the Internet Christy Ruvituso, 36, a “virtual” member at The Fitness Club of New Canaan in New Canaan, Conn., wanted to “lose weight and get fit.” She has. In the four months since she joined, she’s lost 20 pounds. Her goal is to lose 25 pounds more. “I’ve never been able to stick […]

Serving Members Through the Internet. Part 2

The busy mom The Fitness Club of New Canaan, in New Canaan, Conn., is an affluent suburban club whose members range in age from 33 to 55. A majority — 65 to 70 percent — are women. Managing partner Glenn Hutchinson says technology has enabled him to improve the service he delivers to his busy […]

Serving Members Through the Internet. Part 1

The Internet will not replace excellent service in person, but it can extend the boundaries of your club and keep members in touch. Many health clubs make use of the Internet to attract new members, generate advertising profits and develop e-commerce revenue by selling products.

Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a psychological condition that exists when a person experiences: Continuously unwelcome thoughts, such as images of germs, dirt, or repugnant sexual acts;