Paula’s Journal: Week Two. Part 1

Dear Sharon and Armand!
I am writing this on the last night of my vacation (Saturday), and I will e-mail it to you as soon as I get home! I have bad news! Once I set foot on the cruise ship, I forgot all about you. This was the first vacation I’ve had in a couple of years and I went all out.

I had the best of intentions about eating right and exercising and keeping the logs when I started my cruise, but it all went out of the window very quickly. I will be definitely be back on the right track as soon as I get home.

With the food, my selections were very limited. All of it was good. (If you know what I mean — fattening.) Unfortunately, I ate a small serving of dessert every day. Anyway, I really did not do well at all with the food.

As far as the exercise goes — I walked for about 25 minutes on two days. On two other days I exercised, but not formal exercise. One day we had an uphill walk in San Juan for about two miles — very tiring! And of course, it was an easier downhill walk on the way back!

On another day, we had another long walk to the beach where we swam and snorkeled for about one and a half hours. Also, about 80 percent of the time on the ship I used the stairs. The only time I did not use the stairs is if I had to go up five or six decks.

I will weigh when I get home and see what the damage is! I just have to start fresh when I get home!



I weighed in first thing this morning, and I gained 5 pounds on my cruise! Ouch! Oh well, I’ll get it off again! Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m now 205. I’ll weigh again on Friday when I start my new food and exercise logs!

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