Positive Effects of Health and Wellness Programs in the Workplace

Now more than ever, it is of great importance that companies take an interest in their employees’ well-being. Starting a health and wellness program takes little effort with great results and decrease in the amount of expenditure of on outgoing healthcare costs.

By educating your employees of possible health risks you will ultimately decrease the amount of time and revenue spent on doctor visits, and absenteeism due to illness. Studies show that decrease in manpower leads to increase in the workload and therefore increase in stress of the employees.

Your programs should include not limited to only general health issues, but should include mental, spiritual and physical fitness issues. By increasing education, you decrease the amount of time spent away from the workplace, injuries, workman’s compensation and increase in other health benefits. Overall making you aware of any conditions or ailments that each employee may have.

For example: if you have an employee who is diabetic are you aware of what to do? Is there means of helping this employee regaining to a normal glucose level? Is there a specific area designed to help these employees? Most every company has a break room, on the wall you may find OSHA guidelines, information on how to help a choking victim and even CPR tips. There should also be guidelines for the diabetic employee on how to help if you find a person in a diabetic crisis, because this is also a life-threatening condition when the glucose is either to low or too high. This can be obtained free of charge for the ADA (American Diabetic Association), so the cost is not an issue.

Taking advantage of what the community has to offer your company and your employees brings not only the employees together but also shows that the company is aware and willing to help the employee as a whole. Increasing loyalty to the company and long-term employment.

Programs That Can Be Offered

Alternative Therapies (Meditation, Relaxation)

Anger and Stress Management

Self Defense

Physical Fitness Programs

Physical Therapy

Seminars on Diet and Healthy Lifestyles

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Screenings

Annual Flu Shots


Mental Health Awareness Programs

Substance Abuse Programs
On-site medical centers or nursing center companies with wellness programs report that health care costs are much below the percentage than the national industry average.

From an employee perspective, they on the whole, have a sense that the company cares about them by taking an interest in their health. Thus, leaving a much higher employee moral level leading to more relaxed and productive employees.

Likened to making an investment for low turnaround in employees, longer life span, less disgruntled employees and a harmonious workplace.

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