So, You Want to Be a Martial Artist!

Ever since Bruce Lee made his splash on American Television as the dashing partner to the Green Hornet, this country has been part of a growing fascination with the martial arts. With the ever-growing emphasis on martial skills in television and in the movies, more and more schools are appearing to fill the demand for training.

Then, as Americans realized they needed to pay more attention to their personal health and fitness, there has been a shift toward martial arts as exercise and training for the average person, with a bit of self-defense thrown in for good measure.

Why should you train in martial arts?

Martial arts training, as with any other physical sport, will provide increased physical strength and flexibility while developing the mind and spirit. Martial arts is a full body training program, with pronounced aerobic benefits, providing enhanced coordination and reflexes. A person who knows what their body can do gains a heightened feeling of self-confidence as they move through their day. Having pushed themselves in training, they know they can do more, accomplish more, and complete more on a day-to-day basis than someone who does not have similar training.

Martial skills aid in focusing the mind, permitting the person to see the opportunities they have and how to gain their desired goals.

Training the mind and body helps to nurture the power within and without, blending the person into an effective whole, which can accomplish much more than its separate parts.

Martial arts training can be a family event, with everyone working toward the same goal, at the same time. Martial training provides students with the knowledge and skill to avoid dangerous situations when they can, and deal with them, hopefully, when they cannot be avoided. And not least, martial arts training provides a place to meet new people and make new friends.

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