Stressed? Sneezy? Eat up!

Four recipes that combat pesky health problems

Problem #1: Stress

Food solution: Southwestern Turkey Burger.
The workhorse here is tryptophan, an amino acid that prompts production of the relaxation-inducing hormone serotonin. Lean turkey is a top tryptophan source. Eat the burger with a chocolate shake; chocolate contains stress-easing polyphenols plus magnesium (low levels of this mineral heighten stress).

Problem #2: Ebbing energy

Food solution: Peanut Noodles With Shrimp.
Protein’s your power-boosting pal; it increases levels of tyrosine, the amino acid your body needs to make energizing brain chemicals. The high-protein shrimp and peanut butter in this dish will drive drowsiness away.

Problem #3: The common cold

Food solution: Spicy Asian Chicken Soup.
A University of Nebraska at Lincoln study shows eating soup fights inflammation in the nose, throat and lungs. It’s also got cysteine, a mucus-thinning amino acid. And the capsaicin in hot peppers opens stuffy nasal passages.

Problem #4: PMS

Food solution: Roasted Vegetable Lasagna.
A daily dose of 1,200 mg of calcium can reduce PMS symptoms such as cramping and bloating by almost 50 percent. Our lowfat, ricotta-cheese lasagna is calcium-loaded. And remember mood-boosting tryptophan? It’s in ricotta cheese, too.

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